Jazz Impact

What We Do

We engage organizations in empathic experiences that energize and sustain positive collaborative relationships.

Both jazz and business depend on actualizing a future based in strength and the best qualities of your past achievements.

Jazz Impact helps you to recognize the strengths at play in your team or organization.

We mix serious learning with lots of fun in a jazz-based experience that your people will never forget!



Watch excerpts from a recent Keynote delivered in St. Louis at the Healthcare Businesswoman's Association Annual Conference in November 2016.

Michael Gold discusses improvisation, innovation, and empathic listening. 


Listen to this inspiring and informative podcast by Michael Gold. Or download it to take with you anywhere!


The Jazz Impact Process focuses on development of trust based upon building a comfort level within intuition. The ability to lead and listen simultaneously in real time is the basis for the entire process of creating new ideas. In jazz and in business, the role of support is the real enabler of leadership.

Great leadership is informed and directed through listening to the support of those being led. To lead and listen simultaneously requires empathic listening, recognizing and suspending your own assumptions and expectations so that you can identify and integrate the new ideas of others and yourself. Empathic listening as a cultural value builds an umbrella of trust that promotes a genuine exchange of ideas, skills, and incentives.
— Michael Gold, Jazz Impact Podcast